Salesforce Sales Cloud Summer 22 Dumps – SU22 Dumps


Salesforce Sales Cloud Summer 22 Dumps – SU22  Dumps.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud Summer 22 Dumps – SU22 Dumps. Salesforce Sales Cloud is an enterprise product where it provides a platform where one has to manage end-to-end functioning of the sales department for an organization like logging the product information, creating campaigns, triggering emails, reports and dashboard features, managing customer contacts, creating of order and opportunities based on progressing deals with customers and many more.

Sales Cloud Consultant Dumps Summer 22 dumps.

Different Modules and Important features:

  • Campaign Management
  • Leads Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Contacts Management
  • Opportunities Management
  • Cases Management
  • Reports and Dashboards

Exam Details

No. of questions-            60 (+5 unscored)

Time allotted-                  105 minutes

Registration fees-            $ 200 USD + taxes

Retaking price-                $ 100 USD + taxes

Retaking attempts (per release cycle)-    3

Passing score-                 62%

Registration platform-   Kryterion global testing solution

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