Copado Developer Spring 24 Dumps



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Copado Developer Spring 24 Dumps


About Copado

Copado was founded in the year 2013. It is a leading DevOps platform used for Salesforce. Enterprises that wants to accelerate their Salesforce deployments, Copado helps in simplifying the release process and increases the developers productivity and maximizes return on investment.

It is the only solution that is 100% Salesforce native DevOps solution, ISO 27001 certified and is trusted by more than 150 enterprise global companies in all industries all over the world.


What is Copado Developer Certification Exam?

To get officially certified as an Copado Developer, one must give an exam named “Copado Developer Certification Exam”.

Copado’s Developer certification is designed for the users who have knowledge about Copado and want to explore and learn about its advanced features. This certification will impart knowledge about conflict resolution, data deployments and other things to the individual.

Before giving the certification exam of Copado Developer, one must be certified as an Administrator.


Preparations needed for this exam

This certification exam tests the individual on 11 modules which includes:

1>Commit changes Advances (16% of the exam)

2>Conflict resolution (16% of the exam)

3>Advanced data deploy (3% of the exam)

4>Static code analysis (13% of the exam)

5>Apex testing (10% of the exam)

6>Apex skills and normal tasks (6% of the exam)

7>Copado Continuous Delivery (6% of the exam)

8>Environment Variables and find & replace rules (10% of the exam)

9>Copado CLI (10% of the exam)

10>Copado DX (4% of the exam)

11>Working with scratch orgs (6% of the exam)

The Copado Developer Certification exam will test the individual on the above 11 topics.


What do you need to know about this exam?

The cost for the exam is 250 USD.

This exam will consist of 30 questions all of which will be Multiple-choice/Multiple-select questions. The total time given for completing the test will be 60 minutes after which, the test window will automatically close.

One must secure 70% score (21 marks) to pass the test and get officially certified as an Copado Developer. There will be 2 attempts to pass the test failing which will cost you 250 USD to retake the test again.

After completing the exam successfully, you will get an email with the certificate enclosed. You can also download the certificate and the signature logo from the academy profile in Community under certifications tab.

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