Salesforce – CPQ Specialist Spring 24 Dumps – SP24 Dumps



Salesforce – CPQ Specialist Spring 24 Dumps – SP24 Dumps

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Configure, Price, Quote(CPQ) Software by Salesforce is a sales tool used in companies to provide accurate pricing when any product is given a configuration scenario. CPQ applications are benefited by optional features, customizations, quantities, and discounts, that allow sales reps to quote prices quickly and accurately. Salesforce CPQ gives the company’s sales team easy to use the software, which is available on any device due to its a cloud-based platform.

Key Features

  • Product Configuration Features:
  • CPQ allows in creating product bundles with features and options.
  • Options are made as an integral part of the bundle and accessories
  • Supports for exclusion and inclusion rules which are option constraints.
  • CPQ also supports for hiding of the components or dynamic addition of components for the bundle.
  • The Pricing Features
  • Contract Pricing
  • Cost + Markup pricing
  • Block Pricing
  • Real-time price
  • The Quoting Features:
    • Generation of integrated quote document.
    • Process for integration of E-Signature tools.
    • Customization of quote templates for various sections that are to be configured i.e, header,quote line, footer & quote terms also.
  • The Productivity Features:
  • It provides customization in search process of products.
  • Capacity for scripting questions & guide the sales user and customer for the best possible product fit.

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